Cloud-native ML model management.

Keep track of your models. Deploy to the cloud in minutes.

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What is Donut?

Donut is a comprehensive software suite for Machine Learning model management.

Every day at Libgirl, we build cloud-native AI solutions.
This leaves us with a lot of model data that we need to keep track of.
We developed Donut to do just that.

See Donut in action

Set a few minutes aside to watch a video demonstration by one of our team members.
You can also request a demonstration for your organization.

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Simple authentication and privilege management

Donut uses Google Cloud Platform’s OAuth service for authentication.
This means: no password to remember, Multi-Factor Authentication, and more.
Plus fine-grained permission control.

Prototype and deploy AI solutions

Donut is designed to work natively on the Google Cloud Platform.
You can deploy your models to Cloud Run in a matter of minutes and quickly prototype AI solutions.

Evaluate your models

We know, your models are good.
But when you need to pick the best of the best, you can evaluate them against your own criteria and visualize the data on line charts.

Painless data migration

What if you already have a model management system?
Not to worry, you can import your data in bulk from JSON files.
Our team can help.

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